Li-low Surf Mat

Project Plan b

Design a product using Project plan Bs waste material. I took a personal approach which opened up a new market for the company which they really liked. I had to use rPET pellets from recycled garments to create a viable product giving them a use for their otherwise wasted material

How the surf mat works

Inflate and hop onto the Li-low Mat. Catch waves in a prone position and hold on. With new performance enhancing upgrades, including a reversible deck so you can use both sides of the mat depending on the conditions allowing the mat to work well in all surf. Once you’ve had the time of your life deflate the Mat and roll it back up

Keep Britain Tidy collect more than 16,000 polystyrene bodyboards are discarded on UK beaches every year. We need a PLAN B!

New materials

Cutting edge materials create the waterproof and airtight structure 100% recyclable. With the eradication of the use of glue and sealant, the Mat can be fully recycled without any chemical processing. Using an rPET film heat pressed onto an rPET fabric, I have created this new Combination of materials which completely waterproof and recyclable