Design a domestic fan

Sustainability and awareness of what you can do to help positive change. - Resilience to redundancy - A fan which stays out all year, Something you can easily take around the house to the spot you would frequently use it. Using materials which will stay in the closed loop system to create a fully sustainable product


To the consumer the fan is a high quality high tech fan which is sustainable and made from local material. This will change the way we see waste but also change in the way we buy products. This then funds the development and awareness of these resources and services which make the world greener. Overall making it a desirable product for anyone in the UK.

In the companies eyes better brand appeal, and a cheap to manufacture product which uses waste as its material.


The head of the fan is wireless and can be pointed in many different directions to suit different positions of the base/user. This means they can quickly change the direction without the mechanical restraints other fans have due to their joints.

Multiple bases around the house mean you can just take the head with you and simply place it on top without plugging anything in.