Stoked Communication

Surfing communication

Design concept proposal for a communication device. Select an appropriate “user group” and consider what communication devices they use, what they might need from such devices and what level of functionality is appropriate to their lives.

There is no age limit when it comes to surfing and I have seen this for myself. Gender, size, height, disability does no effect your ability to jump into the water and have fun. The diversity of surfing has been something which is celebrated in the sport greatly

Stoke level

The stoke level will be decided on how many of your friends are there and the surf conditions. So a stoke level of 10 will be dreamy conditions with all your friends and on the other side a stoke level of 1 will be a solo surf with bad conditions. This level allows new surfers also understand the report as it translates all the different numbers and values into one reading out of 10 which everyone understands.

Getting surfers to talk more and build a bigger community