About Me

A Self driven Product designer aiming to get the most out of everything in life. Attention to detail and persistence are some of the reasons my skills have developed quickly and will continue to grow exponentially in the right environment.

I enjoy finding problems worth solving and creating compelling and delightful experiences in response. I can apply a broad range of research and design methods across the entire product development cycle, with a keen interest in human, business, and technology aspects. My passion for design is clear from the way I immerse myself in every project, no matter the size. Creating change is exciting and something I look forward too in the future.


Fusion 360



Adobe creative suite

Microsoft suite


Work experience

Wrigleys And Mars Corporation - 2016

Working along side the engineers who keep the Wrigleys chewing gum factory running. In this week learnt about team work, health and safety and was given insights into what it was like to work on an industrial site.

Tesco Customer Assistant - 2018-present

I am currently working for Tescos as a customer assistant. This has helped with my people skills as I am greeting and helping new customers. This has allowed my confidence to grow, which will be helpful for working with clients and given them the best service possible.

Absolute Design - 2020

Completing a short project with Absolute Design - product creation and development - producing some product visualization work for a client during their ongoing project.


Heles School GCSEs - 2020

11 GCSEs

Heles School A-levels - 2020

B - Product Design

B - Maths

C - Physics

University of Plymouth - 2020

3D Design - Product design

Contact - ethangreenwood0002@gmail.com